Healthcare of Tomorrow

The pandemic situation has upended modern health care, leaving health systems struggling to cope. Addressing a fast-moving and uncontrolled disease requires an equally efficient method of discovery, development and administration. Healthcare of Tomorrow is a new podcast series for healthcare professionals and other industry leaders to discuss common priorities, best practices, and perspectives on the future of the health system and care delivery.

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The revolution is upon us

A revolution is upon us. It concerns medicine and passes through technological evolution. It is also the result of new contingent needs, dictated by the Covid 19 emergency and by the need, unheard of to date, of distancing. It is a revolution in the sector, which opens a window on what medicine and the doctor-patient relationship will presumably be like in the next twenty years.
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The doctor-patient relationship

Communication between doctor, patient and family is a fundamental element of medical assistance, in particular during Covid19 emergency. It is estimated that each doctor spends one-third to half of their work-time in this activity. Technology helps improve communication channels, but specific training is also essential.

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Home-care has been put in crisis by the health emergency from Covid 19: to face the pandemic, the relationship with the general practitioner, at today’s state of the art, has shown flaws and weaknesses. Also for this reason the issue of territorial medicine and its future development is on the political agenda of many European governments. Let’s find out together the possible developments and the available and upcoming technologies.
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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is not science fiction, but it is already in our lives. It is not just a means of analyzing data or rationalizing activities. It is also a fundamental support tool for doctors and health facilities in various fields, a sort of “virtual colleague” capable of facilitating and making the work of the human operator more effective.
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Women's health, diagnosis and prevention

Breast cancer prevention, remote diagnostics, guarantee of screening even in the period of Covid emergency. Technology can do a lot (and already does a lot) in delicate and fundamental areas for women’s health.
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Let's imagine the future

Today we can only glimpse the possibilities that the technological revolution affecting the Healthcare sector offers. So let’s try to imagine where we can get.